Saturday, January 16, 2010

Funny squirrel stories....?

I was taking the trash out (I live in an apt, and we have a dumptser) and there was a neighbor getting into her car. I put the boxes in the dumpster, and then a surprising thud hit my chest hard. I screamed loudly in surprise. I looked to see a glimpse of a squirrel running away from the dumpster. I turn around and the neighbor is looking at me like ';WTF?';

I said, ';Did you see that squirrel?'; She said, ';No.'; I said, ';It hit me!';

and she said ';Squirrels and......'; and went in the car. Now I'm thinking, what else is in that dumpster? I see cats go in there sometimes! LOL and where I live squirrels are not as scared of people!

Anyone have any funny squirrel stories to share?Funny squirrel stories....?
Ok this storie requires some background. I was raised on a farm and we had lots of animals. So one day my Dad is driveing down a gravle road near our house and this baby squirrel runs out in front of him and faints. So my Dad gets out and the squirrels mom must have died cuz she was to young to be weened, so he brings her home in his shirt pocket and we name her penut. When she is grown we release her out side but she stays around and comes to visit.

From the other side much later on we had a stray momma cat have babys on our place then leave one behind. Well my dog had just had puppys and was nurseing them so we just put the kitten down there and she nusred the dog. Since the cat was rasied by a dog it didn't do things like a cat, she scarfed her food, landed on her back, and when she fianly learned to climb trees she could only go straight up and back down.

Ok here is the story. The cat would chase penut and one day penut figured out the cat didn't know how to go sides ways on the tree. So penut would run up the tree then side step and come back down next to the cat and poke her in the side and play with her fur. It drove the cat nuts!!

Hehe. That's just one storie, that was an Awsome squirrel.Funny squirrel stories....?
My college campus has squirrels everywhere! Well one day me and a friend were sitting under a tree just talking. Up above us was a couple of squirrels that were not so happy with us under their tree. So they started jumping on the branches and barking at us. All of a sudden some small limbs from the branches started to fall down around us. We decided that we ticked off the squirrels enough so we left. Later that day we were walking by that same tree and two squirrels started chasing after my friend. I started laughing and one of the squirrels turned around and started coming after me. After we escaped the squirrels we couldn't stop laughing.
i was out side one time and i found an abandoned baby squirrel and raised is then i was playing on swing and it jumped at me and i screamed soooooooooo loud then it ran off and every day i saw it and it came up to me i still see it every day oh ya his name was Chippy

Funny question: Is it part of a squirrels religious belief to have a dog? Isn't that unnatural?

Bad Squirrel answered this:';watched my dog carefully eat around the vegetables in some leftovers I gave him. It was kind of funny.'; Question is should squirrels have dogs? Won't the dogs eat the squirrels?

What should we do?Funny question: Is it part of a squirrels religious belief to have a dog? Isn't that unnatural?
Oh, my dog chases the squirrels alright. And the squirrels mock the dog! They stand half-way up the tree and bark at the dog, then JUMP over him and go to another tree. They're totally teasing him.

When I was growing up we had a dog and a parakeet. The dog (a hunting dog) seemed to know that she shouldn't eat the bird, and the bird figured out that the dog was avoiding it.

So, the bird actually chased the dog around the house. It would go up and peck at the dog's tail while she was sleeping.

Animal sociology... Good times.Funny question: Is it part of a squirrels religious belief to have a dog? Isn't that unnatural?
Heaven forbid! Not THIS dog!
No, but it part of human nature to ';have a cow';.

Peace, Love, and Blessings

he's squirrely
It's ok as long as the dog's tail is longer than his. That way the squirrel can flick his tail and not have the dog chase it.

Get A Grip.
lol Debra , I love you when you are bored rofl

What's funnier.... a rollerskating monkey or a water skiing squirrel?

Water skiing squirrel.

A squirrel doing anything is funny.What's funnier.... a rollerskating monkey or a water skiing squirrel?
monkey. ha haWhat's funnier.... a rollerskating monkey or a water skiing squirrel?
Definitely the squirrel. Monkeys can be trained to do so much but squirrels? They don't even LIKE water!
..well, i vote for the water skiing squirrel.....they are so cute when they get wet......
definitely the squirrel, monkeys are over rated!
the squirrel definitely because i think we actually have rollerskating monkeys
Both funny but I would love to see the water skiing squirrel.
masturbating chimps are pretty funny
c'mon we've all seen the squirrel before. Show me the monkey!
a rollerskating monkey
I'm going to say the squirrel.
if i had it my way i would have said a tap dancing chicken.but between these two,definitely the monkey!
I want a roller skating monkey with my flying water skiing squirrel. =)
The squirrel.
monkey they are cute!!
im easily amused -the squirrel is darn cute
Monkeys always beat squirrels, but what beats a monkey?
what about a skateboarding kangaroo?
water skiing squirrel... hahaha
I'll do you one better.

Hiliary Clinton masturbating.

Poll: Phineas & ferb: Did anyone else think the song ';Squirrels in my pants'; really funny?鈥?/a>Poll: Phineas %26amp; ferb: Did anyone else think the song ';Squirrels in my pants'; really funny?
thanks for sharing that I enjoyed it ha ha ha Poll: Phineas %26amp; ferb: Did anyone else think the song ';Squirrels in my pants'; really funny?
lmfao, thats a beauty, we don't have squirrels here but what about koalas in you knickers or kangaroo in you khaki's that would be funny to, it's definately a deterant for hipsters and flairs lol! :)
lol i luv phineas and ferb sooo much .. i know all the words to all of the songs by heart and ya i thought the song ';squirrels in my pants: was very funny!
I do and I am an axe murderer
I am old enough to know better.......................but i love Phineas %26amp; Ferb.

Phineas & ferb: Did anyone else think the song ';Squirrels in my pants'; really funny?

Absolutely hilarious, almost fell of my chair lol! :)

Do you have any funny stories about Squirrels?

Please share your funny personal experience just for fun.Do you have any funny stories about Squirrels?
I used to work for a City Parks Dept.. One day I was working cleaning Lakeside Park. When I received a radio call from my boss to meet a lady who lived across the street from the park I was working at. I walked across the street to the address that my boss had given me. I was met in her front yard, and before I could get a word out of my mouth I was asked what was I going to do about the problem? I told her my boss had just called me and all that was said was to meet her here. So she told me that 200 squirrels had ran across the street at the same time, went up her pecan tree and took all her pecans and ran back across the street to the park with all her pecans and what was I going to do about it. She wanted her pecans back and the city to put up some kind of barricade up to keep the squirrels in the park where they belonged. All I could tell her was I'd pass it on to the park squirrel People to take care it.Do you have any funny stories about Squirrels?
i left my kitchen window open one day and one came in the opened window grabbed my loaf of bread and took off with it down the roof ,,it was gone,,
i was watching something where a squirrel ate some old fruit and got reeeeeaaaaalllllllllllllyyyyyyyy drunk.
I had one jump from my second story deck to my apple tree but missed the apple tree. Smacked the ground, shook it off, and ran away.
i work out in the wods at a resort, and they all know when it's lunch time... they all come to the picnic table for lunch with so cute.

also if you get to close their nests,, they throw pine cones at
well my sis was eatin sum peanut m%26amp;ms and a squirrel started cumin up to her so she threw one and it started chasin her for more.
  • salicylic acid
  • Whose funnier, Foamy The Squirrel or Eric Cartman?

    Eric cartman is the king of evil. foamy is funny but got nothing on cartman. Eric wins by a long shot.

    he's the coon.get a pic with him at coonacon 09.

    hurry cause tix are not going fast!Whose funnier, Foamy The Squirrel or Eric Cartman?
    That's a hard call. On one hand you got a squirrel who complains about all the bullshit in the world, like those ***** who keep making their cell phone vibrate so people think they'ree calling them or getting stupid achievements on Xbox 360, like plugging your controller in. Seriously, one, no one is calling you because you are a loser and no one likes you, and two, the only place achievements should used on is Newgrounds. On the other hand you have an ego-maniacal 4th gradee who does what ever he wants: Leads a pirate crew to Somalia, unites ginger kids to take over the world, helps fake a kids death by throwing a dead pig off a building, or my personal favorite, grinding up your parents and putting them into your chilli. They're both funny as hell, but I think cartman deserves the win because he actually does stuff while foamy complains most of the time.Whose funnier, Foamy The Squirrel or Eric Cartman?
    Foamy, definitely.
    thats an easy one eric cartman is the funniest dude ever lol :0)
    Cartman-He made that guy eat his parents!